For when life becomes like juggling HUGE COLORFUL exercise balls.

My name is Diane Freedman. As a single woman living in New York City, I lead a very active and busy life. With little free time, I often struggle with many issues which include family, home, health, work, relationships, managing my time and budget, school work (yes I am in grad school) and much much more. Striking a well balanced healthful life is frequently a challenge.

My intention in creating this site is to compile resources and information that I depend on in my daily life, and which you would find helpful too. From high-heeled shoes to healthful fitness information -- from meditation to meatless recipes, you will find it within the pages of my site.

10% of all proceeds from sales on this site will be divided among the Susan B. Koman Foundation in support of breast cancer research, the American Diabetes Association and the American Heart Association.

I hope you find it as useful as I do. Please feel free to explore the pages, pass the link around to women you know -- and to come back often to check out the new content I add.